The Japanese Garden - Reinigungsgesellschaft and Gaby Steiner, 2008

"The Garden of the confluent water" is located at vacation park Berlin Marzahn in the "Gardens of the World". The employee of a security firm is on guard duty there. It is his job to announce behavioral rules and information about the cultural meaning of the place. To reach all the visitors with his message he has to repeat his directions again and again. In addition the film shows a staff member who rakes the small stones of the garden every morning in a similar repetitive way.

The remake of a non European garden in the middle of a prefabricated housing area at the periphery of Berlin causes notable cultural interferences. An environment that is intended to be spiritual merges with the behavior of the staff and visitors of a middle European leisure facility. The result is a culture of simulation that causes the disappearance of borders between different forms of culture.

Video, 9’38“
Idea and concept: Reinigungsgesellschaft and Gaby Steiner