Something About Contemporary Nomadism - Gulnara Kasmalieva and Muratbek Djumaliev, 2006

Short excerpts from the beginning of the video Something About Contemporary Nomadism, Video original length 12’30“

This film was shot in several airports the artists happened to pass through on the travels from their home country Kyrgyzstan to all kind of art events they were invited to. Since it is forbidden to film in airports, they had to hide the camera and the takes capture not only the quotidian airport ritual of body search, but also reveal the condition of making this particular film. The camera targets the desirable shot, but can't hold it long and needs to turn away, because someone might have looked at the artists at that moment. Coming from a country with a strong historical tradition of nomadism, the artists ironically comment on its contemporary version. The body search is seen as a strange ritual, a succession of movements performed by the passenger and the guard, who, never looking at each other, seem to communicate through tactile sense. The camera follows the movements of the gloved hands, who practically caress an endless succession of torsos, thus revealing some peculiar version or rather ritual expression of the power's love to its subjects.