c_m_l is currently dormant | 2010

As of Fall 2010 the c_m_l project is no longer active. The website remains up as an archive, but is no longer updated. Please feel free to browse the archives and visit Camel Collective at http://camelcollective.org.

What is it that moves us? - Sara Heitlinger and Franc Purg, 2008

Today the Olympic site is made practically inaccessible to the London public by a blue wall. At strategic points, the hoardings show images of the projected site in 2012: a beautiful village with happy families, athletes, and plenty of nature.

Free Speech On Wheels, Let Your Opinion Roll - Bettina Camilla Vestergaard, 2007

Free Speech On Wheels is a living and evolving archive of utterances that transcends the physical, ethnic and cultural boundaries of Southern California. Initiated in March 2006 and armed with permanent markers everyday Angelinos were invited to write their unadulterated opinion on a 1973 VW Bug.

Protection Room - Injection room for drug addicts - Kenneth A. Balfelt, 2003

The idea was to "translate" all the debate, reports, expert panels and media coverage about injection rooms from the last 6 years into a physical presence. From the written and spoken language into a visual and physical one. To have an actual functioning injection room was another way of facilitating the debate.

With or Without Me - Miklós Erhardt, 2006

With or Without Me is an interview project, investigating the dynamics of various collaborative practices and collective ventures in the field of contemporary visual arts, as perceived from the standpoints of the artists and cultural workers taking part in them.

Como un Cerillo (Just Like a Match) - Carla Herrera-Prats, 2008

"Como un Cerillo" is a mural and audio installation that juxtaposes a text written by Alfonso Hernández (1) with four songs (2) that refer to the life of Tepito (3). Pille, El Despreciado, a professional MC/DJ from the 1960s, who started his career playing in this neighborhood, narrates the text over over each song’s instrumentation and lyrics. The audio synthesizes a history of this contested Mexican neighborhood as seen through Alfonso’s perspective.(4)