c_m_l is currently dormant | 2010

As of Fall 2010 the c_m_l project is no longer active. The website remains up as an archive, but is no longer updated. Please feel free to browse the archives and visit Camel Collective at http://camelcollective.org.

Civil Society and Novel Assemblages: On Persistent Iteration and My Piece of Chennai | Claudia Costa Pederson and Nicholas Adrian Knouf | 2010

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, September 20, 1928Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, September 20, 1928
Claudia Costa Pederson and Nicholas Adrian Knouf are PhD candidates in Art History and Information Science at Cornell University respectively. Here they broach the subjects of education, representation, and organized networks through a review of works by Arzu Ozkal and My Piece of Chennai.

War Veteran Vehicle | Krzysztof Wodiczko | 2009

The design of a vehicle is one of many critically needed responses to the veterans' emerging social, psychological and political needs. It responds to the veterans' need to communicate and reach the larger public, beyond the group of fellow veterans, and openly share in the public space their overwhelming war and after-war war experiences, especially these that are by themselves yet unacknowledged and not understood by the society at large.

FREEDOM: Announcing a contest to find the best solution | Anonymous group in Tallinn | 2008

Freedom poster, Tallinn, 2008Freedom poster, Tallinn, 2008
In the winter of 2008, two artists, whose identities must remain concealed due to investigation (their identities are known to C_M_L), postered the city of Tallinn, Estonia, with flyers reading, VABADUS (freedom, in English), with a subtitle announcing, “a contest to find the best solution.” These posters invited residents to fill in their opinions on a controversy over the proposed “War of Independence Victory Monument” in the remaining blank space. Local residents took this opportunity, opening a space for the public critique of the decision by a few politicians to build the new Victory Monument. VADABUS shows how power circumvents and marginalizes collective processes, while proclaiming "Freedom" in the name of the many (Something not unknown to the New Yorkers who experienced, and are still experiencing, urban “reconstruction” after 9/11). It also opened a temporary space in which a public could witness itself in formation, realizing, in place of a monument, a more open aesthetic form.

My Piece of Chennai | with Meena Natarajan | 2010

Still from Juxtapositions, Meena Natarajan, 2009Still from Juxtapositions, Meena Natarajan, 2009Presented here are a collection of materials from the design and community organizing collective, My Piece of Chennai. MyPoC is a volunteer-run initiative led by designer and researcher Meena Natarajan. The project brings together a diverse range of expertise both locally and remotely to include writers, interactive designers, artists, programmers, local volunteers, and an insect biologist. Team members are located both in Chennai, India, and as far away as Boston, Massachusetts (US). Of particular interest to C_M_L is the way in which interdisciplinary teams of individuals form and interact with and for a community to develop material demands, and to make invisible constituencies seen and heard.

Story Incident Report No. 21: MS Found in a Bottle | Lucy Raven and Ryan Harden Brown | 2009

IR no. 21 detail, Ryan Harden BrownIR no. 21 detail, Ryan Harden BrownLucy Raven's and Ryan Harden Brown's Incident No. 21: MS Found in a Bottle installation at Incident Report in Hudson, New York took place from May 27–June 24, 2009, and is reprised here in a collection of responses to the project solicited by the Raven and Brown. This MS continues an ongoing process of revision and exegesis on the sometimes infra-thin partition separating private space and the commons. With contributions from Incident Report, Lucas Knipscher, Clifford Borress, and Robert Fitterman.